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Cloud computing is fast becoming the standard practice for businesses. Migrating internal servers, services and workloads to data centres across the Internet is increasing in popularity because of the vast performance, cost saving and flexibility benefits.

Cloud Benefits

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Reduced Cost

Migrating to cloud-based solutions eliminates the overhead of purchasing and maintaining servers on premises, which can be very expensive and problematic.

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Take advantage of the unlimited potential of cloud-based services. Scale up and pay for only the hardware/service resource you use that grows in line with your business.

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Get access to your data on multiple devices (PC, tablet, mobile) from multiple locations. No longer do you have to be in the office to work or access your data.

Our Approach

We understand that businesses have different needs and that there is no single approach that works to migrate each one to the cloud. Our extensive knowledge of the industry means that we will find the right solution and migration process, at the right cost for your business.

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Step 1 – Infrastructure review

We analyse all aspects of your server, network and PC environment to compile a detailed report on all hardware and software information. We evaluate your infrastructure and review its compatibility with cloud services.

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Step 2 – Testing and review

We perform multiple compatibility and performance tests on selected cloud service providers to ensure satisfactory service levels are met when migrating to the cloud platform.

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Step 3 – Migration to the cloud

We execute and plan your migration to the cloud by delivering projects to the agreed timescales and costs outlined our project plan managed by our professional services team.

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