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IT Security

The impact of cybercrime on UK businesses in 2016 alone, affected 2.9 million companies at a total cost of £29.1 billion (Beaming report)

Ensuring the protection and security of business systems has never been so important. Ambico Services Limited offer an array of IT security products focused on protecting your business data and networks.

IT Security Solutions

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Device Security

Ensuring the protection of all critical components such as servers, desktops, laptops and mobile devices is vital in stopping security threats. We are able to offer the latest market-leading software security solutions for anti-virus, anti-malware, web filtering, encryption, and mobile device management (BYOD).

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Network Security

We supply the latest network security devices, such as Unified Threat Management (UTMs), Next Generation Firewalls, intrusion detection appliances and SSL VPN devices to ensure your network is protected.

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Email Security

Safeguard employee email communication and protect your business emails from spear-phishing, impersonation, internal-security threats and ransomware attacks.

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Cyber Security

The rise in ransomware outbreaks and cyber threats has prompted businesses to review their security procedures and business risk. We provide network penetration testing, PCI compliance, multi-factor authentication and IT risk assessment services.

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User Training

Ambico Services Limited provide security training services such as cyber security and phishing awareness training for end users. Helping your employees understand the potential risks to minimise or prevent attacks.

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Business Certification

Cyber essentials and cyber essentials plus industry standard business certification to protect businesses from cyber security threats and demonstrate commitment to secure your IT against cyber-attacks.

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